Frequently Asked Questions


Discount Codes

Discount codes for the website will work on all products, HOWEVER we can only honor them on ADM Manufactured QD Mounts and Rifle Components. We CANNOT honor the codes on Optic/ Mount Packages or Light/ Mount Packages. You will be charged full price for these, even if the code is applied.

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Flat Dark Earth Finish

Due to the processes of coating, our Flat Dark Earth colors may slightly differ in shades from batch to batch and parts may not match 100%. We will make every effort to make sure parts are the closest match possible when they are assembled.

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Aimpoint T1/T2 Mount Screws

We are now including 3 sets of screws with all Aimpoint T1/T2 mounts. The short screws are for our one piece mounts. The Middle length screws are to be used with our 2 piece modular risers as well as mounting the Aimpoint T2 on one of our one piece bases. ( The T2 requires the use of longer screws for proper thread engagement. )The longest length ...

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Vibra-Tite Thread Locker for ADM Mounts

Recently on our scope mounts, we switched over to ring screws with a pre-applied thread locking compound on the threads. This thread locking compound takes place of the Vibra-Tite that we previously supplied with our Recon, Scout and Delta scope mounts. These screws are re-useable, and no other thread locker needs to be applied. We will still ...

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