Frequently Asked Questions


Aimpoint T1/T2 Mount Screws

We are now including 3 sets of screws with all Aimpoint T1/T2 mounts. The short screws are for our one piece mounts. The Middle length screws are to be used with our 2 piece modular risers as well as mounting the Aimpoint T2 on one of our one piece bases. ( The T2 requires the use of longer screws for proper thread engagement. )The longest length ...

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Vibra-Tite Thread Locker for ADM Mounts

Recently on our scope mounts, we switched over to ring screws with a pre-applied thread locking compound on the threads. This thread locking compound takes place of the Vibra-Tite that we previously supplied with our Recon, Scout and Delta scope mounts. These screws are re-useable, and no other thread locker needs to be applied. We will still ...

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Ring Screws

We have changed our scope mount ring design to have two screws on the top instead of three screws. In testing, we have found that the two screws are just as secure as three. Some dealers still show photos of three screws, however the newest production mounts from us are two screws on top.

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Tactical Lever

The Tactical lever features an enlarged thumbpad to allow easier manipulation while wearing gloves.

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