Frequently Asked Questions


ADM Mount Ring Screw Torque

The proper torque setting for our Scope Mount ring screws is 20−25 In/Lbs. Also, torque and tighten the bottom ring screws first, then torque and tighten the top screws. There should be a slight gap between the top of the ring halves. The ring screws are 9⁄64″ Allen. Rings do not need to be lapped, they are self-centering. This ...

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Calculating BUIS and Scope Fitment

To calculate if your BUIS will fit under your scope, you need the following information. The height of the BUIS when folded, the diameter of the eyepiece of your scope, and the centerline height of your scope mount. Please refer to our Scope Mount centerline height chart below. First, take the eyepiece diameter and divide it by 2. Next, subtract ...

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Scope Mount Ring Screw Length

All American Defense scope mounts have been now shipping with all the same length screws in the rings. This has been done to prevent the old style shorter screws from being accidentally used in the bottom ring holes. Using the shorter screws in the bottom holes would strip the threads of the bottom rings because the screws were not long enough to ...

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Replacement Springs

American Defense mounts have two different types of springs, Generation 1 and Generation 2. The Gen 1 springs are the old style springs that are the same diameter throughout the spring. They are silver in color. The Gen 2 springs have one larger end, that is captured in the spring pocket on the mount to prevent it from falling out. They are gold ...

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