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GS-2P™ Quick Adjust Sling: Dark Earth / Item No: GS-1210

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Product Description


The GS-2P™ Quick Adjust Two Point Sling is a bomb proof, combat ready, two point sling that was developed to meet the demands of Law Enforcement and Military Personnel. Its modular design allows it to be used with nearly any weapon platform on the market through a variety of modular weapon adapters. It enables the operator unlimited freedom of movement while ensuring a high level of retention. It can be deployed in a variety of carry positions including behind the back. This enables the operator to go completely hands free without sacrificing retention. It excels in applications where high speed transition, hands free mobility and a stabilized shooting platform are desired.

Design Requirements

The GS-2P™ was designed around the following parameters:

  • Must utilize the Gear Sector™ modular weapon attachment system.
  • Must be able to quickly adjust sling length while worn.
  • Must function identical for both right and left hand shooters.
  • Must be able to be quickly removed in an emergency situation.
  • Must be able to be deployed in a variety of carry positions.


Below is an illustration highlighting the key components of the system followed by descriptions of each component:


  1. Rear QDP™:

    Quick detach point for the weapon. The QDP™ enables the user to quickly detach the weapon from the GS-2P™ should the need arise. It also accommodates an infinite number of weapon attachment stubs to ensure compatibility across a multitude of weapon platforms.

  2. Front QDP™:

    Same as component 1 above but used to the connect the sling to the front sling mount.

  3. Base Adjuster:

    The base adjuster is used to fit the sling to the operator. This component should be adjusted prior to utilizing the quick adjust rip cord. Once both modular weapon adapters have been installed on the weapon, snap both ends of the GS-2P™ into each respective adapter. Now that the sling is attached to the weapon, use the base adjuster to get a proper fitment.

  4. Ladder-loc:

    Controls the height of hang for your weapon by limiting the webbing’s movement to a single direction. To raise the weapon to a carry position, simply pull the rip cord ( see item 5 ). To deploy the weapon, for shouldering either strong or weak side, hold rearward pressure on the ladder- loc with your support hand while applying forward pressure on the weapon with your strong hand ( for those of you familiar with our ASP-V™, this action should be very familiar ).

  5. Rip-Cord:

    Used to adjust weapon hang on the fly. The rip cord provides a double layer of webbing with a series of double box stitches terminated in a d-ring to provide a stout and easy to use mechanism for placing the weapon back in a carry and/or hands free position.

Materials & Construction

The GS-2P™ sling is constructed using only the highest quality materials:

  • Material: MIL-W-5625 Tubular nylon webbing
  • Material: MIL-VT-295 #69 Bonded nylon thread
  • Material: ITW GhillieTex™ brand hardware
  • Construction: Double box stitch assembly
  • Compliance: 100% Berry Amendment Compliant
  • Origin: Made in the USA


The GS-2P™ comes packaged with two auxiliary adapters for attaching to your weapon platform. If your particular weapon requires a different modular weapon adapter, you will need to purchase it separately.